Monday, 27 April 2009


finished. but can't show you the whole thing yet. Here's just a taster.This is the background for an animation.I made the characters too. Hopefully when its made I'll be able to post the animation here.can't wait to see it when it's done.
And now ... more sewing...birds,owls,egg cosies,russian,teatowels,tea cosies....etc etc.
Polaroid exhibition preview on Friday.excited.still have lots to organise.Looking forward to a day in Brighton taking photo's too!
And just found out that I'm going to be an Aunty.Lush :)

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Keeping my head above water

Its all coming together. My polaroids are framed (thankyou Max) and ready to go to Brighton for an exhibition starting 1st May (one month only) Unit B3 AOH.They look beautiful. Cyan / turquoise hues with dark chocolate frames.I'm not exhibiting to sell, although I will be selling prints.It's just nice to show stuff.
The animation is looking brilliant so far and i've just about finished the background quilt with bonkers trees.I have every faith in Greg that it will look amazing.
I have a long list of exciting stuff to design and make for Uneeka. Ideas are swimming around in my head. There will be some great tea-towels, fish, dolls....the list goes on.and thats exciting.
I spring cleaned the kitchen yesterday.And have bought miso soup because i'm embarking upon keeping healthy (no more crisps for dinner for me).wonder how long that will last.I did open up a massive packet of lemon grass prawn crackers whilst watching Desperate Housewives last night! 
One week by the sea has totally re-energized me.I feel strong and happy.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Easter Holiday

Cornwall was lovely.2 whole days on the beach! funny to think that only yesterday we had the whole beach to ourselves and now we're home to no hot water no heating (yes the boiler has broken for the 8th time in 12 months - and its only 3 years old).
Sometimes think life would be so much easier if we all lived in communes in wigwams with vegetable gardens...with showers and underfloor heating...