Thursday, 26 February 2009

Egg Monsters

My ideas for Easter.......more to come.......

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Easter Owls available at UNEEKA at the moment. 
Well its been busy. Loads of photography work and editing. And a few sewing projects on the go. Then half term holidays came and went so fast.
And I have to tell you I've been very naughty.Last Sunday my friend Lucy and I went to the photography show Focus on Imaging at the NEC.Have been thinking for a while that I need to upgrade my camera...and was sure that I would find a canon 5D at Focus second hand / reconditioned.I found one but it just didn't do anything for me. It didn't feel right when I held it and it certainly didn't make me feel like the mamiya 645AFD did 5 minutes earlier at the Jacobs stand (where incidently the man behind the counter was rude to me, so rude in fact he refused to show me the lenses because -his words - he was pushed for time.It was obvious he just thought I was NO WAY going to buy that piece of heaven.well he was wrong).So I bought the mamiya and  I LOVE IT and I look at it like a mother looks at her newborn. And it hasn't even had film in it yet because I'm treating it like a first child - reading the manual (just like i read the baby books when Ophelia was born) in the hope that when i do load the film nothing will go wrong......and the pictures are in my head waiting to be problem - the digital back for this mother is approx £7K so i'm back to shooting roll film until I can get a cheap digital back...

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Monday, 2 February 2009

Valentines Day Hearts

Antique linen hearts stuffed with dried roses.


I took a 3 week holiday away from my sewing machine. I think I over did it a bit in December.But now I'm back and I've been making owls and Valentine's Hearts (picture to come soon).
This morning it snowed.And Ophelia proceeded to scream like a banshee in protest at having to go to school.Iris ,as always, just looked on in bewilderment.Ophelia is 11, Iris is 5.I do understand SNOW should equal walk to the hills and playtime however I have photo's to edit from a shoot I did yesterday coming out of my ears (1000 pictures to look through and choose from, convert to black and white etc - YES I KNOW I TOOK TOO MANY)...
Also I have been asked to do some fashion photography for a magazine soon.I'm so excited about that. 
I'm off to make myself a coffee...and I have biscuits...