Monday, 24 November 2008


I love this film

I love this film because the girl reminds me so much of my daughter O.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Happy Birthday

My big girl O was 11 a few hours ago. I baked cakes and took her out for pizza with 9 friends (and i'm not on valium!) and then she had a party at the local LUSH shop.They all had a great time. The boys emerged with mohicans (great! i'll be popular with the parents who don't bath their kids daily!) and blue glitter.The girls looked like they did when I left them at Lush, except for O who was SHINING and covered in blue glitter, her hair looked like she had literally slapped a jar of gel onto it.Thats my girl...always was fond of lotions and potions.I caught her 3 times with my Lancome glitter aged 3.not putting it on (too cool to be girlie), just randomly pouring it on the bathroom floor.At least she has taste, why use the bog standard glitter when there is Lancome in the house?
O never wants anything much for her birthday.this year she asked for a Rubik's cube and a mobile phone.I have refused point blank to get her a mobile phone for the past 2 years,all her friends have them (some of her classmates have had them since they were 7...what is wrong with parents these days?why do they give in to their kids so easily?) She's always with us and therefore does not need a mobile phone but she's growing up...FAST, and next year she goes to BIG school and will walk there and I will have to let her go and if she has a mobile well i could install that tracking device i was reading about....
I feel really aaarrgggghhhhhhh about it but we gave in. Partly because I think she'll get bored of it but also because when i do let my first baby out into the big wide world, to walk to the corner shop perhaps, I can contact her to check she's ok (every 5 minutes or so).....SIGH! perhaps we'll move to Alcatraz?...

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

just quickly...

I have been averaging 4 hours sleep a night for the past 2 months.My house is trashed.Tomorrow I am doing a Christmas Fair and I am seriously concerned about my stock levels.But anyway here are some of the fairies and Luna's (Iris named them) that I will be selling. ( also cards, hearts, tutus, a rabbit, a rat, tote bags, sequinned trees)
Paris was wonderful but I could do with going again this weekend! alone so I can go back to the ribbon shop and buy all of their stock. In Paris I did see some silver knee high socks that I fell in love with.I didn't buy them because they were ridiculously expensive but I couldn't stop thinking about them (I know RIDICULOUS) anyway luckily for me my friend Lou went to Paris this weekend and I sent her to the shop HOME AUTOUR DU MONDE on Rue Francs Bourgeouis and now they are mine and I LOVE them. they are even better than i remember.and my husband would normally be pretty unhappy with my executive decision (men don't seem to understand why anyone would want to spend that much on those socks) HOWEVER in two days it is my birthday :) so I have got away with it this time! Fingers crossed I sell loads tomorrow!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I ♥ Paris

It was great. even when it rained.and i'd like to write more but i'm soooooo busy its not funny.