Friday, 17 July 2009


really hectic. finishing off orders for Uneeka. Tea towels have arrived and they are great. Really pleased with the quality.O finished primary school today :( end of an era and lots of goodbyes as a lot of her classmates are off to different schools.Now for Summer...but where's the sun? And more cases of swine flu...hope we don't get it or if we do hope to catch it very mildly.So tired that I can't possibly get ill as well.
My Mamiya 645AFD is still at the fixers.They want me to pay £258.75 to get it fixed so I'm spending precious sewing hours ringing trading standards and writing letters....grrrrrrrrrrr....I just want my camera home and they should fix it for free...waiting for reply.
Photo's of teatowels and a dolly I was commissioned to make...
Its pouring down with rain .... now to bath the children and more sewing....

Thursday, 2 July 2009

half way there

A box in the post to Uneeka and another soon on its way.
This week has been manic. 3 sales at Folksy - only listed last weekend. One gallery and one website want my 'things'. Lots of photo jobs up and coming. One of which is shooting stills for a film. Another is documenting a music festival.More props for bromc. 41 more Russian dolls, 50 hearts and 80 hair bands and slides.........BREATHE....and RELAX...out tomorrow night and off to see our friend in Caesar at the RSC on Saturday night! Fun and Games. Also fitting in a child's birthday party on Saturday and am hoping to pick my own strawberries in the Cotswolds this weekend! :)

i must try this :)

just blogging about this because i want to try it out. It is from one of my flickr contacts Le Piaf geo