Wednesday, 19 May 2010


so i need to write this in note form it is 1.26am and i need to sleep but before i go...
new camera was faulty. got a replacement (very reluctantly on the shops part but i perservered and they agreed). it so happened that they replaced it with a demo model which was scratched and had been used. i complained. eventually (yesterday) a brand new one arrived. 3rd time lucky!
I have been so busy. i still haven't begun editing Easter holiday photos! I've been shooting for a local Theatre Company, doing headshots, trying fashion photography ..... no sewing for ages and i need to begin soon but never a moment to spare. Next week it is Iris' birthday. I need to get her a present but don't know what to buy...
we have been offered a free place to stay in Annecy, France for two weeks. I am sooooooooo looking forward to that...and tomorrow I'm doing another Dusthouse shoot for the RSC...goodnight!

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